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  • Innovative Antares Pvt. Ltd.
  • Innovative Antares Pvt. Ltd.
  • Innovative Antares Pvt. Ltd.
  • Innovative Antares Pvt. Ltd.
  • Innovative Antares Pvt. Ltd.
  • Innovative Antares Pvt. Ltd.
  • For more than 107 years, Steelcase Inc. has provided Insight-led solutions to create great Work, Education, and Healthcare experiences for the world's leading organizations. Our family of brands offer a comprehensive portfolio of Furniture, Technology Products, and Services that inspire people to do their best work.

    Steelcase is a publicly traded company with fiscal 2019 revenue of $3.1 billion headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Steelcase is globally accessible at 80 locations with 11,000 employees worldwide through a network of dealers, including over 800 Steelcase dealer locations.

    Work From Home

    Smart Working

    Ancillary Is The New Primary

    Office Remix

    Lexco Collection Work Stations

    Gesture Chair

    Leap Chair

    Think Chair

    Series 1 Chair

    Personality Chair

    Massaud Collection

  • Since 1865, Milliken has been innovating to do good for the world, to create a new level of experience for our customers, and to build for the future. These are the purposes that drive our innovation, based on the values that have long driven our company and change the way we think about flooring, chemicals and performance materials.

    Since 1945, Milliken has included in its operations, a textile research facility dedicated to discovering and delivering value to the consumer. Today, that research facility has grown into the world’s largest private textile research facility where discoveries by over 100 PhD degree scientists and assistants bring innovations to 48,000+ products, supported by over 5,000 patents globally. This work brings new ideas and solutions such as the first such as Concrete Cloth® to market or Conceal® Camouflage Technology, recognized as one of the most technologically significant products of 2013.

    About Milliken - In a Nutshell

    Milliken - Value Additions

    Digital Dye Injection Technology

    CRI - Acostical Characteristics of Carpet

    Need for Entrance Flooring

    Appear Retention Rating (ARR)

    Specifying Carpet - CRI

    Carpet Laying Method Statement

    Carpet Maintenance by Antares

  • Architectural Products and Window Fashions

    History of Innovation

    • In Business for 100 years
    • In India since 23 years

    Production Innovation

    • Aluminium Magnesium Alloy
    • High Technology Paint Finish
    • Customisation of Design
    • Pro Green Certified

    Manufacturing Platform

    • In 100 Countries
    • 160 Companies, 17000 Associates
    • Sri City, Andhra Pradesh - APD
    • Silvassa, Union Territory - WFI

    Exterior Range

    Interior Range

    Window Covering

  • Office & Tech Room applications

    History of Innovation

    • In Business for 25 years
    • Manufacturing since 2005
    • More than 20,00,000 Sq.Ft. installed

    Production Innovation

    • Bare Steel Panels for Office
    • HPL for Tech Rooms
    • Cornerlock System
    • Loads from 350Kgs to 700Kgs

    Manufacturing Platform

    • Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Antares Access Floors

  • Leader in Access Floors

    History of Innovation

    • In Business for 50 years
    • Manufactured enough panels to
    • circle the earth 3 times.

    Production Innovation

    • Strong Robust Panels
    • Interlocking Understructure
    • Anti-Rotation Feature
    • Bare, HPL, & Vinyl finish
    • Stone & Wood Finish
    • Loads from 350Kgs to 1200Kgs

    Manufacturing Platform

    • USA, China
  • Wood Floors & Ceilings

    History of Innovation

    • In Business for 22 years
    • Germen Technology
    • Wide range of products

    Production Innovation

    • ISO14001:2004 Compliant
    • Durable & Impact resistant
    • Superior water resistance
    • Green Policy
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Manufacturing Platform

    • Factory in Malaysia
    • Offices in India, Thailand,
    • Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan,
    • Australia
  • World’s Most Advanced Cleaning System

    History of Innovation

    • In Business for 80 years
    • Presence in 100 Countries
    • Cleaning with Power of Water

    Production Innovation

    • Accessory for every location
    • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
    • CRI Certified
    • Clear Air Delivery Rate
    • 8 year Warranty

    Manufacturing Platform

    • U.S.A.

    The Power of Water - Rainbow

    Rainbow Range of Products

    Rainbow - Certificates & Warranties

    Carpet Maintenance by Antares